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Our Terms and Conditions

Skanfil Auksjoner AS og Skanfil for samlere AS


 Please read our terms and conditions as listed below. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Buying at auction

Terms and Conditions - Auction

Auctions with both online and public bidding (Spring, Fall, Heureka and Local Auctions)

1. The auction  is public and voluntary and will be held at the location stated in the auction catalogue, either in Oslo or Haugesund. Unless otherwise stated, there will always be more than one consignor to the auction.

2. All bids are final, and the bids must be placed in NOK. The highest bid for any given item will win the item. Bidding above or below asking price is allowed. Bids less than 90% of asking price will not be noted. Under some circumstances some items might have a reserve bid, stated in the catalogue with ‘limit’.

3. Bids are accepted by mail, telephone, e-mail or online. All bids by mail or telephone must be received by us no later than 1 hour before the auction, to ensure registration. Online bidding is open during the auction and bids placed until the item is announced in the public auction will normally be registered. However, there might be technical errors, Skanfil therefore recommends submitting your online bids well in advance of the auctions’ starting to avoid disappointment. Auctions are available for bidding online approx. 3-4 weeks before the auction date.

4. Bidding is conducted using the following increments:

NOK 1-100 is increased by NOK 5.
NOK 101-300 is increased by NOK 10.
NOK 301-500 is increased by NOK 25.
NOK 501-1,000 is increased by NOK 50.
NOK 1,001-5,000 is increased by NOK 100.
NOK 5,001-10,000 is increased by NOK 200.
NOK 10,001-20,000 is increased by NOK 500.
NOK 20,001-50,000 is increased by NOK 1,000.
NOK 50,001-100,000 is increased by NOK 2,000.
Above NOK 100,000 bids are increased by NOK 5,000.

5. Adjusting bids. The item is normally sold to the bid one interval above the second highest bid. In cases where there are only 2 equal bids, the item is sold to the bid first received. If there are several written bids above asking price, the starting bid will be adjusted to one increment above the next highest bid. Example: Asking price NOK 300. There are two bids, one at NOK 325 and one at NOK 550. The bidding will then start at NOK 350, which will also be the winning bid unless another bid is placed.

6. You must be 18 years or older to place a bid. We accept offers from individuals younger than 18 with written permission from parents or guardians.

7. Commission bids. In the case of bids on behalf of others, the bidder is responsible for ensuring that the Terms and Conditions of purchase are met.

8. The auctioneer may reject bids or dismiss individuals from participating in the auction or bidding at their discretion. Furthermore, they may retract, regroup, or split items or lots. In the event of a disagreement during the auction, the auctioneer may announce a new bidding round, or decide which of the bidders will win the item (cf. §11 of the Auction Act).

9. Settlement must be in cash or credit card, unless another arrangement has been agreen upon.

10. Credit. Customers who are Skanfil associates or regular customers, without outstanding payments in arrears, will be able to have items shipped with an invoice. Payment deadline is within 14 days of invoicing.

11. New customers who are unable to collect their lots at one of our locations should expect to have the items shipped after they have paid the pre-payment invoice. Likewise, regular customers who do not meet the payment deadlines should expect to have the items shipped after they have paid the invoice. Items that, at the buyer’s request, are set aside to be picked up at one of our locations, must be picked up within a reasonable period, and no later than two weeks after the auction date.

12. Coverage Sales. If payment for an item has not been settled within 30 days after the invoice date, Skanfil reserves the right to sell the item at the buyer’s expense without further notice. In that case, the original buyer is held responsible for lost commission and reduced sales price, as well as costs in connection with any debt collection and interest. Interest rate for late payment is 1% per commenced month.

13. Complaints and Returns must be made by e-mail to within 14 days of the items’ being shipped or picked up, and no later than 1 month after the auction date. Complaints must be based on significant errors in the description or defects that were not visible in the image, in the catalogue or online. It is impossible to describe a large collection using only a few sentences, hence deviations of up to 20% must be expected on the stated number of items and values. Viewing the item in advance is recommended, however, if you do not have the opportunity to do so, it may be to your advantage to call us to get an in-depth description via telephone or see additional images. Used items must be expected to have normal wear and/or traces of aging and are therefore sold on an ‘as is’ basis.

14. Certification. If items are to be certified by an expert, this must be agreed upon prior to the auctions’ starting. Complaints about items that have already been certified are only accepted if written statements from two recognized experts that deviate from the original certificate are provided.

15. Fees at 23% will be added to sales prices. Items marked with (*)) have an added 5,75% VAT for Norwegian customers. Furthermore, art with a sales price above NOK 2,000 has an additional 5% artists’ fee. For foreign customers we add a 5% VAT onto the invoice, which would be equivalent to purchase within the EU.

16. Shipping. Skanfil ships items purchased at our auctions. The items are primarily sent as letters or service parcels through Posten. Large items (above 35 kg) or particularly bulky items will be shipped through Bring. We charge regular shipping costs according to Posten/Bring in addition to insurance costs. Minimum shipping is NOK 50. An added NOK 100-500 for packing and handling will be added for large items and items requiring special handling or packaging. If you wish to pick up your auction lots at one of our locations other than the auction location, all lots sent to that location will have their associated shipping costs divided by the total cost of internally shipping them. In this way, you will pay the minimum possible price for picking up your won auction lots at the location of your choosing. This is usually around 50% of the price of direct shipping. Minimum costs for pick up is NOK 25. Please contact us if you want an estimated shipping price prior to bidding. Please provide the item number as well as your address information. Pick up at the auction location is free. For international shipping: please see separate information on international shipping.

17. Claims Deadline. After 2 months from the auction date, no claims of any kind can be made against the auction house or the consignor in connection with sold lots.

18. Acceptance. At the time of placing a bid, whether written or in the auction hall, the bidder is considered to have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions.

19. Haugesund is the venue in case of legal disputes.

The Online auction


Daily Auctions. New items are added every day and are open for bidding for approx. 10 days. You can bid round the clock and the auction for each lot normally ends at 7 pm each day (Norwegian local time). The asking price is the minimum price.

No matter how high a bid you place, the winning bid will be the next highest bid to yours + one bid increment. If new bids are received, your bid will automatically be increased up to your maximum amount. If you are outbid, you will be notified by e-mail and will then have the opportunity to raise your bid.

All lots have an exact auction end time. However, if there is less than three minutes left until the closing time of an item and a new bid is placed, the remaining time will automatically be increased by three minutes.

Items purchased during a given week (Monday-Sunday) are shipped together with an attached invoice or after the pre-payment has been made. It is possible to have items purchased on the Online auction held for 2-4 weeks; if this is of interest to you, please contact us in advance, and an arrangement may be made, before the bidding round starts. All shipments with an estimated value of over NOK 2,000 will be shipped as a service parcel. Pick up at one of our locations is also available for online auctions. If you have purchased items at one of our public auctions they may be shipped along with items from the online auction. Items from the online auction are always available for pick up at no charge in Haugesund.

Looking for specific items? You can save your searches and be notified by e-mail when your favorites come up for auction.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for public auctions for: terms of payment, complaints, returns, etc. 

Selling at auction

Terms and Conditions - Submissions

Sell at the market’s best prices through Skanfil Auctions!

CONSIGNMENT OF ITEMS. This may be achieved through our offices in Oslo, Haugesund, Sarpsborg, Stavanger, Trondheim, Bergen, Egersund and Tønsberg. Also in Denmark through our offices in Fredensborg. This may be done through the mail or in person. We conduct consignment collecting tours from time to time. We also offer home appointments to those living near one of our offices.

CONSIGNMENT DEADLINE. We process consignments speedily on a first-come, first-served basis, this means consignors should allow 2-3 months processing time. Consigning early for a specific auction will allow the most possible time for reviewing and correcting of auction lots before they are featured in a catalogue or launched at auction on the internet. We reserve the right to bump late arriving consignments to the next appropriate auction. The total value of a consignment must be at least 3000 NOK, with individual lots being worth from 500-1000 NOK, depending on the specific item and the auction it will appear in.

CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT. A copy of the consignment agreement will be emailed/mailed soon after receipt of the consignment.
INTERIM SUMMARY. These will be sent out once we have processed the consignment. At this point the consignor may contact us for corrections and any changes in regard to text, opening bid, etc. Consignments are insured from the time we receive them. Your copy of the consignment agreement is your proof of insurance and the opening bids of items will be used as a basis for any valuation of insurance disbursements. In most cases an insurance settlement will be the opening bid plus 20%.
FINAL SUMMARY. These will be sent to you in the case of a catalogue auction. Such summaries will indicate the lot number of your item(s) in the auction catalogue. See -My Page- for lists of waiting, active and ended lots. This information is available any time for all auctions with the exception of Christiania Auctions.

AUCTION FEE. This is normally from 23% to 30%, depending on the nature of the item(s), volume, saleabliity and transportation/handling etc. For large or valuable consignments, or in the case of a frequent consignor, preferred auction fees may be agreement upon. The minimum auction fee per lot sold is 50 NOK. Consigned items other than stamps, covers, coins and paper money (items marked with an *) are subject to VAT by law. Auction fees serve as payment for the whole sales process, including; valuation, lotting, photography, marketing, insurance and guarantee of timely disbursement of proceeds from the sale.

AUCTION LOTS. We strive to lot consignments in the way our experience has shown to be the best for achieving the highest sales results. It is, however, best if consignments are delivered in an orderly fashion with relevant items counted and/or catalogued with details relevant to the item(s) noted. Consignors are obliged to disclose complete information regarding all known defects, damage or any missing elements of items. The Auction House describes lots according to the best of our ability but holds itself harmless in the case of any unintentional errors or omissions.

OPENING BIDS. Skanfil sets opening bids based on decades of experience and with a shared goal of achieving the highest possible hammer prices. Failing the achievement of a sale upon the initial auctioning of a lot, the lot will be re-offered at auction at the same or a lower opening bid until its’ sale is achieved.

UNSOLD ITEMS. In cases where unsold items are desired returned to the consignor or where special handling is preferred, provisions should be made for this upon the consigning of the item(s). Items which are unfit for auction or remain unsold after several attempts at auction must, upon the consignor having been contacted, either be collected by the consignor or be sent to them at their own expense. A minimum warehouse fee of 200 NOK will be applied to uncollected items, starting from two weeks after the consignors’ having been contacted. After a period of two months, uncollected items may be sold for the best price, discarded or donated to charity, without notice.

WITHDRAWN ITEMS. Should the consignor for whatever reason wish to withdraw an item, after its’ having been processed by Skanfil a fee will be applied based on employee time as well as any other costs. Normally, a lot may not be withdrawn once the catalogue in which it appears has gone to print or the lot has been launched at auction.

PAYMENT. Consignors may find hammer price(s) and sales results on My Page at or receive such information in the mail. We strive to make payments in as timely a fashion as possible after auction, however, owing to after sales and return privilege, disbursements will normally take place 4-6 weeks after the auctions’ conclusion.

CERTIFICATES/EXPERTISING. Certain stamps, coins or other items should be expertised before being offered at auction. We have access to recognised experts within most areas. External expertisation costs are the responsibility of the consignor.

CHRISTIANIA AUCTIONS. Upon consigning item(s) with Christiania, a handling fee of 250 NOK will be applied. Costs associated with an item, such as transport, cleaning, polishing, etc. will be agreed on upon consigning. Normally, at Christiania, an evaluation cost as well as a reserve sale price will be agreed upon for the item(s). In the case of a highest bid below the established reserve sale price, the item may be sold with the owner’s permission.

Buying from the Webshop

Terms and Conditions Webshop

Orders are normally handled within one week. Skanfil members and regular customers will receive the invoice along with the parcel or letter due for payment within two weeks. New customers are normally asked to make a pre-payment. We recommend that new customers use a credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Shipping for orders amounts to 59 NOK (+ VAT) for postage, handling, and insurance, regardless for shipment weight. International parcels will have added postage costs.  

If you receive an invoice, it is important that you pay within the due date. An additional 35 NOK per reminder notice will be added in addition to interest rates.

Claims and returns must be made within 8 days from shipment arrival.

Skanfil members receive a 10 % bonus on our regular stock of stamps, parcels, and accessories. At the end of every calendar year, you’ll get a bonus check amounting to 10% of your overall purchases for the year. The minimum amount for a bonus check is 50 NOK. Included with the bonus check is an order list that you can use to make a purchase using your bonus check. The bonus check must be used within 1 year and being a continued member is required.