Skanfil's privacy statement


1. Purpose

Skanfil strives constantly to maintain a high level of security for our customers, partners and employees. This also applies in the highest degree to personal information. Below you will find an insight as to how we treat your personal information:

2. Skanfil's storage of personal information.

Skanfil requires some personal information in order to provide you with tthe targeted information you want from us as well as to handle your purchases/bids and other services that we offer. You should reast assured  that Skanfil only collects such personal information necessary to deliver the goods and services you want from us.

Skanfil registers and stores your personal data such as, name, address, e-mail, telephone number, etc. to provide you with the services you want. All personal information that we collect is stored on servers in Jakob Hatteland Solutions AS, which is a provider that places security first.

Skanfil also stores your purchase and bid history, invoices, credit notes, etc. to be able to provide you with necessary services.

You can easily update your information yourself by logging in to "My pages" at

If you shop with us and choose to pay for your goods online with a payment card, we work with NETS, which at all times verifies the validity of your cards directly via the banks. NETS processes personal data in accordance with international security standards. This means that payment information is processed in a very secure way and that Skanfil does not have access to this.

In addition to the information you enter on our website when ordering/bidding with us, we also use cookies. Cookies are used to improve the functionality of our website and to make the use and access to our website better for you as a customer. The information that Skanfil receives through cookies is used to create increased user-friendliness for you as a customer on our websites. Cookies also give us access to statistics that help us streamline our services. The statistics we collect are general and anonymous.

3. Skanfil's use of your personal information

Skanfil uses your personal information for the following:

  • Delivery of goods
  • Communication in connection with orders, payments, bidding and quotations
  • Individual marketing and targeted offers to those customers who want this
  • Analyses and statistics that help us to give our customers a better experience
  • Handling of disputes

Skanfil only shares your personal information with suppliers who contribute to the distribution of advertising material and to public authorities as may be required by law. If we share your information with a third party, then this is information that you have registered on our website.

As a customer of Skanfil, you accept that we process your personal information in accordance with this personal data policy.

4. Skanfil's procedures for the correcting and deleting of personal data

At Skanfil, you are always entitled to access/view the data that we have registered in your profile, at all times. You can at any time demand to have these changed according to the rules of the Personal Data Act.

We keep your inquiries via e-mail as long as you have a customer relationship with us. If you are not a customer, email inquiries will be kept as long as it is relevant to the case in question. According to the Norwegian Accounting Act, we are required to store accounting information about you for 5 years. Purchase information is stored for at least 2 years in relation to the right of complaint.

If you receive newsletters via e-mail, we will keep your emails until you unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe from this service whenever you wish by following this link.

Skanfil uses antivirus programs and firewalls to protect us against viruses and other computer attacks.

5. Skanfil's employees' processing of personal data

Our employees who work in serving to our customers have access to registered personal data. To access this data, our employees must log in to our system with their username and unique password. Passwords are changed regularly and when an employee quits, this user is deactivated on all our systems.

Skanfil's employees value your safety highly. All employees have received information about the rules for the storage and deletion of personal data. They have also been made aware of how personal data must be processed and that they are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

6. More information

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions in this regard.